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More than two decades thousands of women and men are enjoying flawless complexion for first time since adolescence. The JENEAL has made this possible. With JENEAL process we have been able to diminish skin problems such as wrinkles, discoloration, acne, pits, enlarge pores, scars, stretch marks, hair loss, cellulite.

Our Procedures

  • Exclusive Skin Layering: is a process to influence Mother Nature to rapidly produce skin cells. The enzyme used for removing few layers of skin are of vegetables origin. Food grade and edible. They digest dead cells and have a soothing effect on live tissue and allowing the epidermis to rejuvenate rapidly. Soothing mask assist Mother Nature in rapid production of skin cells – 60 minutes — $85
  • Muscle Toning Treatment: the current firming, toning, and tighten facial muscles. This process used your own bodies language communicate at a cellular level, stimulating cells energy – 60 minutes — $85
  • Micro Derma Brasion: the exfoliation achieve with this system, leaves skin feeling smooth, soft, and refreshed. – 60 minutes — $85
  • Echo Oxygen Facial: after removing all dead cells pure oxygen with vitamin, minerals, amino acid to nourish and revitalize skin cells. – 60 minutes — $115
  • Pumpkin peel or Multi vitamins boost or Glycolic treatment (of your choice): remove of dead outer layer of skin, a dramatic improvement in skin texture. – 60 minutes — $85
  • High-Tech Facial Treatment: A costume formulation of enzyme pell or microdermabrasion or Glycolic pluse LED light and pure oxygen incorporated with anti wrinkle serum and vitamin and nourishing mask. – 90 minutes — $185
  • Micro-Current Facial: This treatment can improve facial and neck muscles tone, lift jawls and eyeb, and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. $95
  • Ultimate Rejuvenation Package: Enzyme peeling or micro dermabrasion photo facial, micro current plus oxygen infused serum. $199
  • Scalp treatment: To grow hair stimulating hair follicles through vegetables enzyme and hormone oil. – $85
  • Body Contouring Wrap:This treatment to help free and remove trapped waste in connective tissue, eliminating internal disfiguring deposit and stimulating inch loss. 60 minutes — $75
  • Cellulite Treatment: by manipulating the affected area reduce the appearance of cellulite. – 60 minutes — $75
  • COMBO Body Wrap & Cellulite Treatment: can help tighten and smooth the appearance of the cellulite and inch loss – $130
  • Hand & Foot Polish & Paraffin: to moisturizer and soften skin. – $30
  • Far Infra Heating Blanket: Burn up to 1500 calories, fully realizes your tension, increased blood flow and aiding in regeneration and its helpful in detox programs because promotes the elimination of fat, chemical. – $60
  • RF Cellulite Elimination: Using radio frequency technology and ultrasonic cavitation to help tighten skin and breakdown fat, slimming bodies. – $120
  • Lipo-Light: Is described to shrink area of fat by breaking down removing Triglycerides from cells. – $120
  • Ultimate Body Contouring:Lipo light, radio frequency, ultrasonic cavitation, counting wrap. $199
  • Eye brows shaping — $15
  • Face — $25
  • Under Arms — $15
  • Brazilian — $60
  • Lip, chin, nose — $10
  • Bikini — $20
  • Full legs and bikini — $60
  • Half legs — $30
  • Back and chest — $40
  • Arm — $30
  • Eyelash tinting — $15
  • Eyebrow tinting — $12

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